Consulting and public relations for Luca Forgeois, the son of New York City restauranteur George Forgeois, and an aspiring IndyCar driver.

Luca’s ultimate goal includes being the 5 time winner of the Indianapolis 500, and is currently doing all that he can to work his way up. In March 2012, Luca took part in St. Petersburg, Florida’s USF2000 race, before IndyCar’s season opener. He has participated in multiple National Class USF2000 races.

Luca Forgeois was featured on the full back page of the Sports section of the Wall Street Journal titled “The Long, Arduous Road to Indy” on Friday, May 25, 2012.

NBC Television also featured a story on Luca, discussing topics such as school, his personal struggles, and why he loves IndyCar racing so much.