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Most notably, we have partnered with OpenTableTM on French Restaurant Week®, a marketing program for restaurants, including trade relations, media, aim to increase customer attendees and sales via maximum visibility. Another notable charity partner is the Action Against Hunger International. Since its creation, French Restaurant Week® has been hosted by over 150 participating restaurants. This marketing program helps the trade relations between partners, increases the sales of restaurant clients and partners and provides a max of visibility in the media and social media to consumers.

Different types of Restaurants

Antoine Camin MCF

Claude Godard MCF

Luc Holié MCF

Pierre Landet MCF

Pascal Petiteau MCF

Philippe Bertineau MCF

Serge Devesa MCF

Sylvain Harribey MCF

New York

Perrine, The Pierre Hotel

Patina Group

Tour de France Group

Forgeois Group

La Sirène

Triomphe Restaurant at The Iroquois Hotel

Petit Poulet at The Radisson Martinique Hotel


Cyrano’s Café on the River

Brasserie by LM



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